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12 Week Challenge: Week 12 – Developing a Sustainable Healthy Eating Plan

For you to have good health, you must have a sustainable healthy eating plan. Remember, healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand when aiming to achieve health goals.

  • Vegetables are very important and should form a large portion of your diet
  • Adding beans and legumes is also a part of a well-rounded and balanced diet


  • Having a meal plan for the week gives you structure, minimises food waste and keeps you on track
  • Do your shopping just after you have eaten, so you aren’t tempted when you shop
  • Aim to include a variety of produce from different food groups: different proteins, both animal and plant based, seasonal vegetables, grains and good fats

To count or not to count?

  • It can have value for those who like numbers, particularly if it is focused on good quality food with large amounts of vegetables. It isn’t suitable for everyone, so please make sure to do your research and familiarise yourself with this.

Eliminate treats most days of the week

  • Try and limit eating treats and sweets to special occasions or once a week
  • Treats should not be banned or seen as bad, but perhaps you may want to try to make your favourite treat at home or do a healthy swap? For example, if you feel like a burger, you can try making the burger at home or swapping out for a leaner meat like turkey or plant-based options.

Is alcohol good in small doses?

  • Organic wines are recommended, grown at altitudes at above 1000m, which are drunk soon after they are bottled
  • If you are following guidelines and drinking a glass with lunch or dinner, wine can be good for you
  • Ensure you remain hydrated by drinking a glass of water between drinks

Enjoy a meal with friends or family

  • One of the most underrated factors is who you are interacting with whilst eating
  • Much healthier sitting around the table with family and friends, enjoying a glass of wine, eating and laughing
  • If you live alone, we’d try to encourage you to reach out to friends, family and neighbours

Week 12 Challenge

Make one change to your eating habits that makes it easier for you to be healthy in the long term. This can be as small or large as you feel comfortable.

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