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12 Week Challenge: Week 8 – The Power of Routine, Habit & Accountability

Good health comes down to good habits and self discipline.  

Habits tend to follow a 4 stage  process: 

    1. A cue: Initiates the behaviour that follows and directly related to an anticipated reward 
    2. Craving: Motivators behind any habit. Without craving a change, we have no reason to act. Cravings are linked to a reward. 
    3. Response: Can be physical or mental and is the actual habit you perform. Response occurs when we have enough motivation and not too much resistance. 
    4. Reward: Outcome of the response and the end goal of the habit. 

Each stage plays a pivotal role in our habits. No cue? The process never begins and we often find we don’t have the motivation to create a response. The required response is too difficult and we will not be successful at performing it. 

Habits are often subconscious in that they just happen. People often forget that habits should be a lifestyle to be lived, not a finishing line to be crossed. Practice is a key component and routines aim to create the consistency that drives the formation of habits. 

How to track your habits?  

  • Start by tracking your exercise sessions 
  • Having a record of the small milestones that you achieve as you head towards the goal allows you to see progress and satisfies the reward component 

*One thing to note: We all have things that pop up and derail us every now and then, but it is important that we get back on track as soon as possible* 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we have to prepare foe the unexpected. Don’t let challenges derail you. 

Remove or adjust around any barriers, making any challenges that come your way as easy as possible! 

Power of accountability: 

  • It is often easier to break a promise to yourself than someone else 
  • When you tell other people what you are doing, it raises accountability levels e.g. find yourself an exercise buddy or chat to someone about your goals – maybe they want to join you so you can achieve the goal together! This will keep you BOTH accountable and motivated. 

Week 8 challenge: 

Bring some structure and routine to your new exercises and health routine. Perhaps you set a few days a week aside for a brisk walk, or Tuesdays at 8am is your set time for yoga and meditation.   

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