Active Seniors

Suzy Oglesby

A pain in the brain

Our bodies have a number of ways to deal with persistent pain. Like most areas of the body, the brain is able to adapt to changes in “normal” and can re-organise itself according to these new changes. Unfortunately this can lead to long standing pain that is abnormal in its intensity and that responds differently …

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The importance of community

When researchers looked at the longest living and healthiest cultures in the world, they found a few key commonalities. High levels of physical activity was a major point, as most would imagine. Another was a largely plant based diet, which is consistent with the research linking higher fibre diets to a longer and healthier life. …

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How does exercise help in diabetes?

Approximately 1.2 million, or 5-6% of Australian adults have type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is often referred to as late onset diabetes, and is a systemic metabolic disease that causes reductions in insulin secretion and effectiveness. Regular exercise has been proven to be effective at promoting insulin secretion, improving insulin resistance and also reducing …

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