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Suzy Oglesby

There’s more to the pelvic floor

Pelvic floor weakness is extremely common. Traditional approaches to pelvic floor strengthening target the function of the muscles through specific exercises such as kegal exercises. While these are helpful as part of an overall strategy, there are other areas that need to function well for the pelvic floor to be effective. The pelvic floor muscles …

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New insights into exercise and sleep

Everyone knows that wonderful feeling of waking up feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep. There are many health benefits to improved sleep quality and quantity including better control of inflammation, blood sugar levels and also a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular related events. However, like many areas of health, it appears that not …

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Workout (for) Your Hobbies!

As the weather warms up, no doubt you will start to do more outdoor activities! Some of the more popular activities that seniors like to participate in are sports such as golf and bowls, as well as gardening around the house. It is important that these activities continue to make sure you say active in …

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