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 “I stretch all the time but I’m still tight”

We often hear this statement from people about stretching. Despite doing regular stretching exercises, they often find that they still feel restricted or tight in the same muscles. So how can you slightly alter the way you stretch to try and get lasting benefits and have permanent changes?

The importance of stretching

Stretching is very important, in particular as we get into our more senior years. It helps us to keep our independence and ability to do tasks that we once thought were so easy such as tying our shoelaces or reaching to get something from a top shelf, but can become increasingly difficult as we age.

Getting a roll on

Recent research into foam rolling has highlighted the fact that foam rolling can be a powerful tool to help keep your muscles and joints healthy. A recent study reported that sessions of foam rolling after exercise can help to reduce the normal pain that is often experienced after exercise whilst another study found that foam …

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