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The importance of community

When researchers looked at the longest living and healthiest cultures in the world, they found a few key commonalities. High levels of physical activity was a major point, as most would imagine. Another was a largely plant based diet, which is consistent with the research linking higher fibre diets to a longer and healthier life. […]

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Good health is a bit of a stretch

The words flexibility and mobility are often used interchangeably, however they are different in their meanings. The word flexibility is used to describe how well our joints move and our tissues can stretch so that we can move our joints through their complete ranges. Commonly people measure their flexibility by seeing how easily they can

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New insights into exercise and sleep

Everyone knows that wonderful feeling of waking up feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep. There are many health benefits to improved sleep quality and quantity including better control of inflammation, blood sugar levels and also a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular related events. However, like many areas of health, it appears that not

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What to look for in a shoe

Shoes are a pivotal part of our world and can have a big influence on how comfortable we are and how well we walk and balance. There are a few important features to look for when choosing your next pair of shoes, whether they be for exercise or casual day to day wear. Before we

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Workout (for) Your Hobbies!

As the weather warms up, no doubt you will start to do more outdoor activities! Some of the more popular activities that seniors like to participate in are sports such as golf and bowls, as well as gardening around the house. It is important that these activities continue to make sure you say active in

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Get a Good Grip on Life!

Grip strength is a measure of muscular strength or maximum force generated by the muscles in the forearm. This measure can be used to assess the stability of the muscles in the shoulder that help move our arm away from the centre of the body. One thing we often do not think about is that

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BMI – Important or Not?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is the magical term that is often thrown around many readings that focus on exercise and wellness. You may have also heard your GP and other various specialists mention it. What is a BMI? Put simply, it is the relationship between your weight and height. It is a great baseline indicator

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