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Nutritious Walking

This may sound like a strange title, but a colleague recommended I read an article by Katy Bowman (who is big on nutritious movement) called 13 ways to make your walk more nutritious. I thought it was a great way to encourage people to walk more often and more ‘nutritionally’ (getting more variety in their …

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Is movement really medicine?

There are many articles that state that movement is medicine, but is this really true or should we change our perspective?  What is right about the statement? Let’s start by discussing what is right about the statement. According to the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee Scientific Report, conditions such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, …

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Will my back pain last forever?

Let’s face it back pain is extremely common – in fact the statistics report that around 70% of people experience at least one episode of lower back pain throughout their life. Many people who have experienced an episode of back pain have undoubtedly wondered how long their back pain will persist for and if it will ever go away completely! Let’s explore what we know from the …

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Stop before you lift!

One of the main reasons that technique is so important during exercise is that we try to move or resist an external load without creating damage or injuries to our body. We want the gain without the pain! While the benefits of exercise for body fat, heart health, bone strength and many more areas are …

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