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The Brain, Re-Wired

Dementia is a collective type of diseases that can result in impairment of cognitive function, memory loss and behaviour change among others. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s Disease. Dementia is the second leading cause of death of Australians, and as of 2021, an estimated 472,000 Australians live with this disease. Due to […]

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Stand up straight to feel great

We have previously explored the impact of posture of many of the body’s systems throughout our blogs. What we haven’t discussed yet is the effect of posture on mood and it’s implications. Impact on energy levels and mood The impacts of posture on mood have been explored throughout various studies. One study published in 2009

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You are stronger than you think!

Many people think that their muscles are the limiting factor of their strength, however this is not the case. We have all heard of those emergency situations where someone is able to perform an amazing feat of strength such as lifting a car off someone trapped underneath. These feats of strength happen because your muscles

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Brain tips for healthy ageing

We often focus a lot of attention on improving the physical aspects of health and ageing such as bone strength, sugar intake and body weight management. One of our most important attributes – mental function – is also in need of attention to remain healthy as we age. Here are a few tips (in addition

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Men and Mental Health

People often think that being healthy means having good physical health, forgetting a large part of being healthy means having good mental health and wellbeing also. Although they can be related with therapies like exercise leading to both a better physical and mental health, they both are managed and treated in different ways. It is

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