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How what you do in the 2 hours before exercise is important

So much emphasis is put on how we can maximise the benefits while performing exercise and even after exercise. However there are some important points that need to be considered directly before you exercise that can affect your session. Body Position One of these considerations is your body position before exercise. Our ligaments and connective …

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Dietary factors influencing cardiovascular health

There are many foods that affect the health of our body and cardiovascular system. This article looks at the evidence behind some of the main foods, diets and supplements that impact on our cardiovascular health. MEDITERRANEAN & VEGETARIAN DIETS Studies suggest those adhering to a Mediterranean or vegetarian diet have reduced incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) as well as …

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Eat for strength

When we consume foods with protein, the proteins are broken down into amino acids which form the building blocks of muscles. As we get older our muscle stores naturally decline so it is important that we eat and exercise in a way to attenuate the age related loses. It is possible to increase muscle mass at any age …

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The trouble with discount strawberries… After walking past the strawberries at the supermarket all winter (I can’t justify paying $6 per punnet), I now can’t walk past without buying 3 punnets for $5. Even if I already have 3 punnets in the fridge at home! So I was confronted with the issue of how to …

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