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Get a grip

Shoulders are a common problem area for many people. Is easy to see why when you look at the anatomy of the shoulder. Our shoulders are designed to move….. ALOT!! However this comes at the cost of stability. When looking at rehabilitation for the shoulder, the rotator cuff often takes the spotlight. While it is

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Hip and Happening

The hip joints are 2 very important joints that can often be the source of pain. The ball and socket of the hip joint is very similar in shape to the shoulder joint except that the socket of the hip is much deeper than that of the shoulder. The shape of both joints really promotes

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The Squat

The squat is one of the most basic positions we as humans assume from a very young age. As we learn how to get up from the ground, we instinctively squat before we raise up. However at some point in most of our lives, this simple behaviour that we had so much flexibility for as

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