Active Seniors

Resistance Training

The magic of 10%

To improve our strength and endurance, we need to continue to progress the difficulty of what we are doing. There are many ways to do this and the way in which you choose to progress depends on your goal. What is consistent is the 10% rule, which supports gradual increases (10% to be precise!) over …

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Slow down to get strong!

Many people can relate to being told to “slow down” when exercising, but often no one explains why this is so important. Performing the exercises in a slow and controlled manor can be the difference between developing optimal strength and even reducing injury risk. While many assume that strength is built by lifting, pushing and pulling, …

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Benefits of Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a piece of latex band exercise equipment that are widely used for rehabilitation, strengthening and conditioning and improving balance and coordination. There are many benefits to using a resistance band just read on to find out a few.

To squat or not to squat….

Many people are fearful of performing squats due to myths and misinformation they have been given about the dangers and potential injuries. Interestingly enough the squat is the resistance exercise of choice which gives you the most benefit out of a single exercise.

Lift and lose it

One of the most common goals that we see with men attending Active Seniors is the desire to shed weight around their midline. This is a great goal as more than 60% of Australian adults are overweight, and the fat surrounding the abdominal area is the most dangerous because it surrounds important internal organs. It …

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Get a grip

Shoulders are a common problem area for many people. Is easy to see why when you look at the anatomy of the shoulder. Our shoulders are designed to move….. ALOT!! However this comes at the cost of stability. When looking at rehabilitation for the shoulder, the rotator cuff often takes the spotlight. While it is …

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