Time for a change

Whether it’s starting an exercise program or starting treatment for an injury a common question that often pops up is “how long before I get results?”

This is often a difficult question to answer. This article outlines some of the influences that will not only help you to be realistic with how long results will take, but can also guide you towards other positive changes you can make to support your journey.

Beginning an exercise program

The new year heralds fitness and exercise goals for many people, however there are important considerations to be aware of when starting a new exercise program.

Remember that an exercise program needs to be based on you, your strengths, your weaknesses and your goals.

What may be suitable for you to do in an exercise program may not be appropriate for the person next to you who has been exercising five days a week for the past eight years or the person on the other side who has osteoporosis and has just had a knee replacement.

New Years Resolutions

Around Christmas time people often start to look towards the year ahead and start to think about new year resolutions. What a change a day can make! What is it about the 1st of January that gives us this call to action that the rest of the year couldn’t evoke? Is it that we want to enjoy the festivities (namely the food and drinks!) and the beginning of the new year marks the end of these festivities? And why is it that most New Years resolutions eventually fail?