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Five Resistance Band Exercises You Probably Aren’t Doing That You Should!

Resistance bands are great pieces of equipment to add resistance to exercises. They are light weight, compact and can be used in many ways! For some examples of exercises using a resistance band, click here!

  1. Seated scaption hold:

This is a great exercise for the shoulder and core muscles! Begin seated on the edge of a chair. Keeping your back straight, lean backwards slightly and engage your core muscles! Holding the resistance band, extend your straight arms to shoulder height then pull the band apart so your arms are roughly at 45degrees. Hold this position for 10-15seconds remembering to breathe throughout. Relax and them complete twice more.




  1. Dead lift:

This is an excellent exercise for strengthening the legs and buttocks, and stabilising the back. Begin with the ends of the resistance band in each hand. Place both feet on the resistance band roughly shoulder-width apart. Ensure that in this position, the resistance band is taught when standing tall. Hinge at the hips – push the hips backwards while the torso travels down to be parallel with the floor. Squeeze the buttock muscles and push the hips forwards and return to standing upright. Repeat 8-12 times, have a rest, and then complete again.

  1. Trunk lateral flexion: 

This exercise is great for strengthening the lateral core muscles – our obliques! Begin by standing on one end of the resistance band with your right foot, have the other end of the resistance band in your right hand. Ensure that the band is fairly tight in this position. Stand upright, shoulders back then slowly allow your right ribs to creep towards your right hip – this will loosen the band. Then squeeze the core muscles and pull yourself back to an upright position. Complete 6-10 times and then swap to the left side.


  1. Pallof press:

This exercise helps to strengthen the core and arm muscles at the same time! Loop the resistance band around a door handle or pole. Holding both ends in both hands at chest height, stand side on to the door/pole. Then step out until the band is firm. From here, push the resistance band straight out in front of you. Be sure to keep your body and torso still – no twisting! Slowly bring your hands back to your chest and then repeat 6-8 times. Be sure to turn around to target the obliques on the opposite side. The firmer the band is to start with, the more challenging the exercise will be.

  1. Bent over Y or T: (chair)

A great exercise for strengthening the shoulders! Begin by standing on one end of the resistance band with the other endin one hand. Lean forwards, resting your other hand on a chair to support yourself, be sure to keep your back in a neutral position. You may need to play around with the length of the resistance band (through gripping closer or further away) to achieve the right intensity. From here, keep the elbow straight and raise your arm out to the side (T – shape). Alternatively, you can raise your arm up at 120degrees (Y – shape). Slowly return to the start point and then repeat. Remember to do both sides!

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