Active Seniors

Active Seniors is a health centre specialising on the health needs of people over 55.

We are comprised of a team of Exercise Physiologists who have a minimum 4 year University degree focusing the use of exercise to assist in the management of various health conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart conditions.

Before we get you started, we perform a thorough assessment that takes place over two separate 45 minute consultations.

During the first visit we discuss your goals and medical history, and we perform some physical tests of your strength, balance, flexibility and general health. 
This information is used to design an exercise program that best suits your needs and your current level of health.

During the second visit, we discuss your testing results and recommend the exercise option that we feel best suits your needs. 
These options include supervised group exercise sessions, individual exercise sessions and home based exercise programs. 
We then take you through your personalised exercise program, to ensure that the exercises are suitable and also to guide you on the correct technique for the exercises.

The initial introductory package includes the 2 x 45minute consultations described above and either a week trial of the group exercise sessions or one individual exercise session, or alternatively online access to your home exercise program with regular support. The package cost is $165 and can be claimed on private health insurance with the appropriate level of extras cover (please confirm with your health fund directly). We also accept referrals from your doctor under Medicare.

Our group exercise sessions are 30 minute exercise sessions, limited to 8 participants and constantly supervised by an Exercise Physiologist. 
Each group member performs their own unique exercise program at their own pace, with the Exercise Physiologist monitoring their technique, adjusting equipment and answering any questions you may have. 
The sessions are run continuously throughout the day from 6am-5pm on weekdays (with the exception of a one hour lunch break) and from 7:30am-11:30am on Saturdays. 
As the group numbers are limited, bookings are essential and can be made online through a personal membership portal, or through our website using your email address.
We have 2 different membership options for the group exercise sessions that are flexible (no lock-in contracts). 
If you are looking to attend between 2-3 times a week, the fortnightly debit is the most cost effective option at $38 per week (billed fortnightly). 
If you are looking to attend less than 2 times a week, we have a 10 pack option that has a 12 month expiry at a cost of $250. Both options are claimable under private health insurance with the appropriate level of cover.
Our individual exercise sessions are 30 minute exercise sessions where you have the full attention of our exercise physiologist. The individual exercise sessions allow you to have more variety in your exercises as the Exercise Physiologist is able to choose and modify your exercises from session to session. 
The cost of these sessions is $66 per session and may be claimable under private health insurance with the appropriate level of cover.
Our home exercise programs involves a personalised selection of exercise videos with instructions on how to perform each exercise, and on how many repetitions of each exercise you should perform. The software has an interface that allows you to contact the Exercise Physiologists directly with any questions or problems you may have with the program. 
The program duration is 12 weeks, after which we recommend returning for another assessment and a change of exercises.


With any of the above options, you have the flexibility to take time off and put your membership on hold for 2 or more weeks absence. Most of our membership options use a direct debit payment system, however we do have alternative payment options available whereby you can pay for 6 months in advance.

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