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Online Home Exercise Program

How it works

Step 1

Place an order by completing your details below. Be sure to enter any coupon codes that you have to access your special offer. Seniors card holders AND new subscribers to our newsletter will both have access to a discount coupon code.

Step 2

When you place your order for the online program, you will be emailed a link for you to complete a self assessment in the comfort of your own home. This involves a short online medical history questionnaire as well as some physical testing.

Step 3

You will be contacted by one of our Exercise Physiologists to organise a time for a virtual consultation using either phone or a video platform.

Step 4

After your virtual consult, you will be emailed information to access your personalised online home exercise program. You will have the opportunity to contact your Exercise Physiologist with any questions or concerns you have about your exercises.

The cost of the program is usually $90 for 3 months and the virtual consultation is valued at $60.

Click the button below to start your online program.

If you have any further questions about the online program, are having any difficulty with ordering or would like to purchase a theraband please contact us at


If you are purchasing the online program as a gift for someone else, please leave the recipients name and contact details in the Customer notes section during payment.



Watch this short video for a visual demonstration of our online home exercise programs

Benefits of our online program

  • Get a program written by experienced staff that have written over 20, 000 programs over the years
  • Have access to support from staff who will answer any questions and modify your exercises accordingly
  • Have clear and concise videos demonstrating how to perform the exercise properly
  • Exercises tailored to your needs whether your goals be around balance, strength or flexibility
  • Safe and appropriate exercises that consider your medical conditions and any pre-existing injuries


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