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Posture is ALWAYS important

Having good posture and correct technique is something that most people think about while they are exercising. What is often not considered is the posture that you adopt in between exercises or even in between sets of the same exercise. Instinctively many people return to slouching, however this can lead to damage and increase your pain after you exercise.

Great technique during exercise and then……..

Unfortunately we see it all too often. Perfect technique while performing an exercise, and then once the weight is put down while resting between sets, all of a sudden the upper back rounds, the head moves forward and the shoulders slouch. While this may seem harmless, the consequences of poor posture between exercises and straight after exercise are a potential source of pain and discomfort post exercise.

Increased mobility after exercise

Many people experience an increase in mobility after exercise. The body feels somewhat loose and light. The joints in the body often move more easily after exercise. This includes the spinal joints. The only problem here is that when the spinal joints move more, and our spinal posture is poor, it produces stress on the spine and it’s associated connective tissues.

Don’t blame the exercise

This is one of the common reasons a person may feel sore in the back after an exercise. While we are often quick to blame the exercise itself, it can be that seemingly innocent slouch between exercises that is the real culprit. The good news is that this is easy to remedy – simply pay attention to your posture for the entire time you exercise and also for the hour afterwards.

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