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Stand up straight to feel great

We have previously explored the impact of posture of many of the body’s systems throughout our blogs. What we haven’t discussed yet is the effect of posture on mood and it’s implications.

Impact on energy levels and mood

The impacts of posture on mood have been explored throughout various studies. One study published in 2009 looked at the effects of posture on university students. Students were told to either sit tall with a proud chest or to slump, and were told to list 3 personal traits that they felt would influence future career success. The results showed that posture directly affected the type of traits listed, with the slouched students listing more negative traits and those students who sat tall listing more positive traits. Another study from 2012 showed that exercising with a more upright posture when compared to a slouched walking posture improved energy levels and mood.

Depression and anxiety

What can’t be ignored is the fact that depression and anxiety seem to be extremely common in society. The question is, how much can be related to our postures and lifestyles? Technology has evolved at a rapid rate and has meant that many people spend more time sitting slouched over a computer or smart phone.

Power posture

The good news is that posture is something that changes rapidly and can have a profound effect on our energy levels and mood. In fact it appears that holding what Amy Cuddy would call a “power posture” for a couple of minutes is all it takes. So the next time that you are waiting for the kettle to boil or for your bread to toast, why not stand up as tall as you can and enjoy the moment.

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