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The secret to a happy, healthy life

It is true that the greatest wealth is good health. Health is often viewed as purely a physical entity; the absence of disease, however health is more than just a physical state of being but is also influenced by our biochemical and emotional states. While there is no one secret to a healthy and happy life, there are simple principles that we can follow in our everyday life to bring us closer to our greatest wealth.


One of our best assets is our body which gives us the ability to move. We realise how important our body is when we are injured or when our ability to move is impaired. Movement has so many key benefits. It helps to condition our cardiorespirtory system which contributes to the function of all other body systems. It helps to regulate our body’s hormones which affetcs our mood and our sleep. It keeps our bones and muscles strong and provides nutrition to the cartilage that lines our joints. It helps to keep our nervous system healthy and in doing this stimulates our brains to improve our memory and cognition.

Movement is such a powerful yet simple thing that often gets overcomplicated with complex exercise regimes. Finding time to get up and move around is a simple yet essential way to improve your health.

Eat fresh and stay hydrated

We are what we eat, or so they say. Food is our bodies fuel, similar to the petrol in cars. When we put the wrong type of fuel in, the output is affected. So what is the best fuel for our bodies? A balanced diet incorporating a variety of fresh ingredients. Vitamins and minerals are essential for normal cell function and are most abundant in vegetables. While most people eat a couple of servings of fruit a day, many often neglect to consume the required amount of vegetables. In addition is it important to try and eat a good variety of vegetables; at least 10 different varieties a week! The other major component required for cellular health is fluid – specifically water. Water constitutes over 80% of our body’s cells and is constantly being lost through various body processes. Dehydration is thought to be the number one cause of daytime fatigue and can also lead to headaches, blood pressure distrubances and digestive issues. For most people (aside from those with fluid restricted conditions) around 1 litre of water is required for every 50kg of body weight.


Our thoughts have such a significant impact on our wellbeing and our body’s function. Having a positive mindset and being in a social environment is esential for good health. In fact, our thoughts are so powerful that they can influence the levels on inflammation in our bodies! While it is human nature to identify flaws and imperfections, it is important to be able to shift our mindset towards that which we are grateful for.

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