Active Seniors

We help people over 55 improve their strength, flexibility and balance

as well as help with the management of chronic health problems.


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Balance exercises should not only focus on training you to become steady, but should also ensure that you have enough flexibility in your ankle and hip joints and strength in the surrounding muscles to support your balance.

Aerobic exercise that increases your heart rate and breathing is extremely important to include in the management of cardiovascular conditions, with interval training being preferred where it is safe to do so. Resistance exercises are also important but need to be carefully selected to optimise your blood pressure response.

A successful exercise program includes resistance exercises to strengthen the bones and surrounding muscles, impact exercises at a level that is safe for you, and balance exercises to reduce your falls risk.

Research indicates that the combination of aerobic and resistance exercises has the greatest effect on blood sugar control when compared to either in isolation.

A combination of aerobic and resistance exercises are needed to strengthen the muscles around the joints to support them and to manage any additional weight that may stress the joints.

Before joint surgery, it is important to focus most of your efforts on building strength in the muscles surrounding the joint as these often incur some damage from the surgery itself.
Following joint surgery it is still important to train the muscles around the joint, but it is also more important to work on flexibility and also balance.
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