How to change your brain

The health benefits of meditation have long been claimed by yoga instructors and enthusiasts alike. Over the past few years, research has produced significant insights into the effects of meditation on health and wellbeing. Some of the most interesting results have come from studies involving brain imaging, and it is exciting to know that the…

Another side to muscle memory

When people hear the words muscle memory, they generally associate these words with the body’s ability to make gains towards strength levels due to previous training. If a set of muscles have a history of performing specific movements, the memory of these movements remains and the body remembers how to coordinate them. This is a…

The bigger picture

People often rely quite heavily on the results of imaging to determine what might be causing their symptoms, yet it is important to realise that imaging techniques are only part of the bigger clinical picture. Imaging techniques can have a high amount of false positives, in which degenerative changes in a structure are assumed to…

Does sitting really shorten your hip muscles?

When entering into discussions about the health consequences of sitting, people are often told that over time if we sit for too long our hip muscles actually shorten in length making it harder for us to stand upright. While there are some changes that occur to the hip muscles, it is interesting to look at the changes to the hip muscles when moving from a sitting to a standing position.

Osteoporosis- Going beyond Calcium

While it is one of the most common conditions in Australia, Osteoporosis is often not well understood, even by those who are suffering from it. It currently affects 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men over 65 and currently costs almost 3.5 billion dollars every year. Even with a steady presence about it in the media, numbers are still on the rise.

Calcium and Osteoporosis

When you ask many people what the cause of Osteoporosis is, they will often say a lack of Calcium. Although this is not incorrect, it is not the full answer and this is where a greater understanding would help. Osteoporosis is actually a loss of bone mineral density, relative to the normal for your age. The calcium is an important part of the bone mineral density, but it is less than 60% of the make up of the bone.

Diet fads to follow this spring

Do I need to eat ancient grains? What’s wrong with modern grains?

What’s so good about fermented foods?

Am I missing out because I don’t want to pay for organic fruit and vegetables?

Green smoothies aren’t that tasty. Do I need one a day?

Is cow’s milk evil?

Surely I’m superman given all the superfoods I eat…

The Dietitian’s Association of Australia released a media statement regarding the top nutrition trends to follow as the weather warms and we all try shift from the winter nutrition doldrums.

Getting the mix right for exercise

Like most things in life there is always a delicate balance that creates harmony and exercise is no different. The choice of exercises in a program needs to be carefully constructed to ensure that the body is given the right blend of nutrients. While it is true that any movement is better than inactivity, optimal planning of movements allows for maximum gains.

It is easy enough to see the link between the right exercises and our physical wellbeing, however most people are unaware of the effects of exercise choice on our moods. To understand this, we must think back to our infancy and the instinctive behaviours that we adopted well before we were aware of it!