Active Seniors

About Us

Our mission is to help people stay active doing the things they love, delay surgeries, reduce medications, improve strength & balance & prevent problems before they occur

Active Seniors was founded in 2006 by Dr Taylor Harrison. After a family friend suffered from a fall, he experienced first hand how devastating this could be.


The centre was initially established as a falls prevention program and over the years our supportive community has evolved to help thousands of older adults achieve a better quality of life.


We design individualised health and exercise programs that can be performed at one of our centres or online under the guidance of our University trained staff.

We have 3 centres located in Sydney

Our staff are all Accredited Exercise Physiologists who specialise in the prescription of exercise specifically for older adults. They understand the challenges that people face when starting to exercise later in life. They are trained to help treat and prevent a wide range of chronic health conditions including osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, depression and dementia. 

Online services 

Our online programs are designed to help people of all levels move anywhere, anytime. We have developed a range of online solutions to find the right exercise option for YOU. 

This includes both Telehealth services and virtual member programs where you get access to our online exercise resources.

Our products 

We have a range of products including resistance bands, books and virtual programs for your convenience.

If would like to find out more or you are interested in booking an appointment, please fill out the form below to get in contact with us.

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