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Aerobic Exercise

The Speed you Move at Matters!

Have you ever been told to slow down, or maybe speed up your movements when exercising? Do you know why? Our body adapts differently to the same movement, depending on the speed at which you move! This makes it really important to move at the right speed, in order to get the desired benefits, whether …

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The Benefits and Nuances of HIIT

High intensity interval training – you may have heard of this term, as it certainly has been taking the fitness world by storm recently! It is a fantastic exercise modality due to its time efficient nature as well as the great effect it has on your exercise response.   What is it? High intensity interval …

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Nutritious Walking

This may sound like a strange title, but a colleague recommended I read an article by Katy Bowman (who is big on nutritious movement) called 13 ways to make your walk more nutritious. I thought it was a great way to encourage people to walk more often and more ‘nutritionally’ (getting more variety in their …

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The surprising benefits of hills

There are very few places in Australia where you can embark on a 15+ minute walk and avoid any sort of change in elevation. Fortunately, walking up and down hill provides us with great benefits. Each direction has a different and unique benefit that we will explore below.  Walking up a hill or incline Cardiovascular …

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The magic of 10%

To improve our strength and endurance, we need to continue to progress the difficulty of what we are doing. There are many ways to do this and the way in which you choose to progress depends on your goal. What is consistent is the 10% rule, which supports gradual increases (10% to be precise!) over …

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How to get more for less

There is an interesting notion among many people that increased fitness and strength improvements come from doing more. While it is true that volume is a factor that needs to be considered, often the intensity of the activity has a greater influence on just how much you need to do. During a recent health talk …

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