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All about the shoulder

While many people refer to the shoulder as just the arm attachment to the shoulder blade, there are actually 4 joints that make up the shoulder complex as it is sometimes described. Two of these are the attachments of the collarbone to the chest bone and at the other end to the shoulder blade itself, […]

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Heal your heels!

Plantar fasciitis is something a majority of us would have experienced at some point, especially as we all tend to spend a lot of our day sitting or lying down! It is the tightening of the plantar fascia, which is a thick ligament connecting your heel to the front of your foot. As you can

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Get a Good Grip on Life!

Grip strength is a measure of muscular strength or maximum force generated by the muscles in the forearm. This measure can be used to assess the stability of the muscles in the shoulder that help move our arm away from the centre of the body. One thing we often do not think about is that

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Why the rotator cuff muscles are so much more than rotators

Rotator cuff injuries are extremely common. While the average prevalence of rotator cuff tears in the general population is around 20%, as we age this increases to over 40% by the time we reach 70. Exercise rehabilitation programs for rotator cuff tears almost always include theraband rotation exercises, but when we look at the purpose of the rotator cuff muscles in the body, we realize that

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