Active Seniors

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To log in to the virtual membership, go to the Active Seniors Website and hover over the menu option labeled “Members area” and select “Virtual member log in”
Alternatively, click on the link below:
This usually happens when you are already logged in as our system does not automatically log you out.
If the following screen appears, click on the GREEN rectangular button to navigate to the 12 week program main page, and the RED rectangular button for the paid virtual membership main page
Click on the words below the login box that say “Lost your password?” to reset your password.
You will be prompted to enter the email address you signed up with.
If you see the screen below, and do not have an option to log in, please click on the “Active Seniors home page” menu option on the top bar next to the “12 week program home page” menu option
Please check if you are logged in on other devices as there is a limit on how many devices you can be logged in on concurrently.
If you are still having difficulties, please email for further assistance 
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