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While some of our members refer to us as a “gym” we prefer the term health centre as we feel it better describes us. Here are some of the key differences between a gym and our centre:

  • All of our staff hold a minimum 3 year University qualification in Exercise Physiology and are accredited with ESSA which is the peak body for Exercise Physiology in Australia. They study the complexities of the body and learn appropriate rehabilitation exercises for the management of various health conditions from joint surgery to osteoporosis to heart conditions. This also allows you to claim rebates from both Medicare and your Private Health Insurance as all staff are qualified Allied Health Providers.  Typical gym staff hold TAFE qualifications in fitness that can be completed in less than 6 months.
  • Everyone gets a thorough assessment when they start and the results are used to design an exercise program that is specific to their needs. You are shown through your exercise program one to one on your second visit to ensure that the exercises chosen are appropriate. You are also reassessed at regular intervals to make changes to your program and also keep an eye on health changes. While some gym’s perform some testing and write you a program on starting, many leave you to your own devices unless you pay additional money for personal training.
  • We provide much more than just exercise. We host regular in centre health talks on a variety of topics to promote health living. We also pride ourselves on the community we have created. Many gym’s lack the personal attention and care that we give to our members. 
  • We do not lock you into a contract, and pause your membership when you need time off. While many gym’s sign you up to a fixed term such as 12 or 24 months, at Active Seniors we have flexible payment options and you are never locked into a contract period. You simply pay for what you use.

At Active Seniors, we have a number of options to suit your needs including:

  • Individual exercise sessions
  • Group exercise sessions
  • Home exercise programs
  • Online exercise class videos
  • Combinations of the above

Here at Active Seniors when we use the term “group exercise” we mean that you will be exercising in a small group under the supervision of our University Qualified staff. Each person in the group is performing their own unique exercise program that has been designed specifically for their needs, so our classes are not your typical classes where everyone performs the same exercises.

As such we do not have specific class types, however our staff can integrate elements from your favourite exercise styles (such as pilates) into your personalised exercise program.

To ensure that we are able to provide personalised supervision, we require you to book in for your exercise sessions. This can be done easily via our online booking portal which is simple and straightforward to use.

We have a range of exercise session times throughout the day to ensure that you have the flexibility to find time for exercise in your day.

We recommend 3-4 sessions per week to ensure that you get the most benefit from the exercise sessions and to give your body enough time to recover. Recovery is an important part of maximising your benefits without increasing your risk of developing an overuse injury. As such, our memberships limit your weekly sessions accordingly.

To get you started, there is an initial starting package which includes a 45 minute initial assessment, a 45 minute program demonstration visit, and one week of access to group exercise sessions. The cost of this package is $165 and can be claimed on your private health insurance.

Following your initial starting package we have the following options:

  • Individual 30 minute exercise sessions charged at $57.50 per session or bulk billed with an appropriate Medicare referral
  • Group exercise sessions costing  between $12-$23 per session depending on your preferred payment option

We offer a standard fortnightly direct debit membership fee charged at the start of the fortnight that can be cancelled at any time, or a 10 session pass with a 12 month expiry.

With both of the above options, you will receive a receipt after each fortnight or after the 10 sessions have been used that lists your dates of attendance for health fund claims.

We also have other options for those wishing to combine their in centre exercise sessions with home exercise sessions.

Our services are claimable through the following:

  • Medicare with an appropriate Enhanced Primary Care Plan referral from your GP
  • Private health insurance under Exercise Physiology

Click here for general health fund cover information

** please note that it is best to check directly with your fund for clarification of what your policy covers and what rebate amount applies**

  • My Aged Care packages with appropriate coordination through your specific provider

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