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How will you better yourself in 2021?

2020 was a tough and turbulent year. Some of us lost jobs or homes, others lost long awaited travel plans, time with family/friends, celebrations and some lost loved ones. Despite the adversity, we found resilience and embraced the challenges as opportunities; to spend more time in the garden, read more books, learn to use technology to contact family or friends and maybe even finally get around to that clean out at home (or maybe not yet). 

The challenges and uncertainty forced us to adapt, reminded us to be grateful and to focus on the small things we can control. With uncertainty following us into 2021, we encourage you to focus on something YOU CAN DO this year to better your health.

Maybe it is health specific;
 e.g. lose 5kg, drink more water or go for x2 walks per week

Maybe it is to help others;
(e.g. join a local volunteer organisation, visit a neighbour)
with indirect social and mental health benefits

Maybe you want to learn a new skill;
(e.g. a new language, play sport or embrace technology)

Or simply take more time for yourself
(e.g. book a massage, enjoy a new book, spend time outdoors)

So this week, sit down somewhere quiet with a cup of tea, a pen and paper. Think about something positive you’d like to work on in 2021 and write it down.

Stick the paper on the bathroom mirror, bedside table or fridge so you see it regularly, to remind and encourage yourself.

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