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Our online program is designed to give you all the benefits of an individual exercise program while also giving you the freedom to choose where and when you perform the exercises.

The online program includes:

  • A personalised exercise program designed specifically for you by our experienced Exercise Physiologists. Your program will be based on the results of a thorough self assessment to make sure that the exercises you are given best suit your needs
  • Detailed videos and instructions for all of the exercises in your program to ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly
  • Regular reviews of your progress and modifications to your program as you improve. This includes any necessary changes to your program should your circumstances change
  • Constant email support for any questions you have and to make any necessary adjustments to your exercise program
  • Regular emails with educational content on topics that are specific to your health concerns
  • An invitation to join all of our in-centre events including health workshops and lunches
  • Access to the monthly Active Seniors Health Centre newsletter with health information including summaries from our health workshops, healthy recipes and brain teasers

The cost of your initial program is $7.50 per week for 3 months. After your first 3 months we will perform a review of your progress and adjust your program accordingly. The cost of program revisions and continued access to our services is $5 per week for each subsequent 3 month block. You are not locked into a contract and simply pay as you go.

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