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Why your neck posture is more important than you think

You may have heard that poor neck posture is commonly associated with pain, headaches and stiffness, however did you know that it can be linked to your heart health? A study published earlier this year was the first of it’s kind on this topic and the results of the study add further weight to the importance of looking after the health of your neck.

The study involved close to 50,000 subjects who were all over 18 years of age. The subjects were split into 2 groups who were matched according to age and health conditions. The only difference between the two groups was that one group had a diagnosis of cervical spondylosis which is a condition where the health of the neck joints and their discs is reduced. The most common cause of this, aside from a direct injury to the neck, is poor posture over time. 

The results of the study showed that having a diagnosis of cervical spondylosis gave the participant a three fold increase in their risk of having a heart rhythm abnormality when compared to the control group. The possible reason for this increase is that the neck is the home to some important nerves that cause our “fight or flight” response. Poor neck health can lead to irritation of this nerve which increases it’s activity, and as a result causes our heart rate and blood pressure to rise.

The good news is that the results also indicated that subjects who were doing rehabilitation exercises, or who had surgery for their neck condition,  were less likely to develop the heart rhythm problems. This study is just another reason why our neck health is so vital. Looking after the health of your neck can be simple yet extremely effective. Click on the link here to watch one of our favourite exercises called the “Yes” “No” “Maybe” exercise

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