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A lesser known consequence of poor posture

Poor posture is often linked with conditions such as osteoporosis and can compromise heart and lung function. However one of the lesser known symptoms associated with poor posture is the development of a stitch during exercise.

What do we know?

Research into what causes some people to develop a stitch while exercising has ruled out abdominal and diaphragm muscle spasms as being causes. Other theories related to the nature of the activity have also been disproven.
The answer to the above question is not 100% definitive BUT current research points to poor posture as being potentially implicated.

How does that work?

What is known is that cramps occur when the layers that line your abdominal cavity are irritated usually by rubbing against each other. When the stomach is full from either food or too much fluid, it has the potential to increase the friction between these layers.
This still doesn’t explain how posture is involved. Poor posture is the factor that makes this potential possible. You see when the upper back curves too much or the rib cage is compressed it affects the position of the stomach and its ability to expand freely.
If you are susceptible to getting a stitch during exercise, your risk can be reduced very simply by doing some exercises to improve your posture. What are your favourite exercises to do that help you stand up straighter?

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