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Osteoporosis is a condition that requires management strategies aimed at improving bone density while trying to reduce the breakdown of bone. While most people think about bones as dead tissues, they are extremely metabolically active and are constantly changing and remodelling according to the stresses we place on them. If you want to strengthen your

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Healthy bones are flexible bones

When we think about our bones, we commonly assume that healthy bones are strong bones. While this is true, the “strength” of our bones really comes from their ability to be flexible. This is a critical factor when it comes to osteoporosis and fracture prevention. The easiest way to understand why flexibility is important is

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What is Osteoporosis?

So what is osteoporosis (in real people language, not just Dr speak)? Osteoporosis is a commonly misunderstood condition, which is frightening considering how common and debilitating it is. Many people refer to osteoporosis as a lack of calcium, however it is bone density that is lacking, of which calcium makes up a large part. With

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Men and Osteoporosis

When people think about Osteoporosis they often think of a condition that predominantly affects women and is rare in men. Yes, Osteoporosis is more prevalent in females, however it is not rare in men, with approximately 250,000 Australian men suffering from Osteoporosis. It is important that we recognise the prevalence in men because one in

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