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How will you adapt?

When we think about improving health, it is often referred to as “lifestyle modification”. But do we really change enough of our lifestyle to ensure that our body adapts the way in which we want it to?

When people start an exercise program they often commit to changing their habits and incorporate 3 sessions a week of exercise that may last between 30mins and an hour. While this may feel like a big change, in the scheme of things it is only a nominal amount of time per week dedicated to moving.

It is no great secret that our bodies are designed to move and more specifically to move often. We know that when we don’t move often enough our muscles begin to shrink, our bones become weaker and our joints begin to stiffen.

Assuming that most people have around 14 hours a day that they are out of bed, this gives us 98 hours a week. If we exercise for a mere 2-3 hours a week and occupy 60+ hours a week in a state posture, our body will adapt better to that which we do more frequently – sitting!

This doesn’t mean that we need to exercise for hours and hours on end. Rather it means that to complement the many benefits associated with exercise and to maximise our response, we should try to adjust our “lifestyle” as well to incorporate more movement. This can be as simple as when we are reading getting up and moving around briefly after finishing each 1-2 pages.

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