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It’s all in the mind

We are all faced with some adversity throughout life, however not everyone handles such adversity in the same way. Some people are faced with a problem and unfortunately it gets the better of them. Other people thrive and use life’s challenges to help them grow. These responses all come down to our basic mindsets.

Mindset is often broken down into two different types, however in all aspects of our lives we may switch between these two. The first type of mindset is a fixed mindset and the second is the growth mindset.

Fixed Mindset

People with a fixed mindset often think that they have certain talents which they are a “natural” at and others which they are simply not good at. They often feel that they have little control over these attributes and that effort to try and improve weaknesses would be effort wasted.

Growth Mindset

People with a growth mindset have the belief that they can improve and change any aspect of their lives with effort. They see “failure” as a necessary process to help them in the pursuit of learning and personal growth. In general those with a growth mindset not only achieve greater success in life but maintain it.

Our does this affect our health?

Our mindset influences all aspects of life including health and wellbeing. We commonly hear people make comments such as “I’ve never been able to balance on one leg”. This kind of comment is very typical of someone with a fixed mindset to exercise. The problem is that our minds are smart and often turn our beliefs into reality. Hence when it comes to exercise, having a growth mindset allows us to progress and gives us the persistence we need for longer term health changes to occur.

What type of mindset do you resonate with? The good news is that simple changes in the way you think can help to shift and change this mindset. Thomas Edison tested over 3000 different filaments before making a fully functioning lightbulb. His persistence and mindset led him to the success that he is now renown for.

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