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The Chicken Wing and the Neck

While there are many causes of neck pain and tension, lets explore the relationship between an often forgotten shoulder muscle and it’s role in relation to the neck. The shoulder muscle in question is called the serratus anterior muscle – also known as the chicken wing muscle. Like most anatomical names, it its name has

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Stand up straight to feel great

We have previously explored the impact of posture of many of the body’s systems throughout our blogs. What we haven’t discussed yet is the effect of posture on mood and it’s implications. Impact on energy levels and mood The impacts of posture on mood have been explored throughout various studies. One study published in 2009

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Posture is ALWAYS important

Having good posture and correct technique is something that most people think about while they are exercising. What is often not considered is the posture that you adopt in between exercises or even in between sets of the same exercise. Instinctively many people return to slouching, however this can lead to damage and increase your

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Will my back pain last forever?

Let’s face it back pain is extremely common – in fact the statistics report that around 70% of people experience at least one episode of lower back pain throughout their life. Many people who have experienced an episode of back pain have undoubtedly wondered how long their back pain will persist for and if it will ever go away completely! Let’s explore what we know from the

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